Since 1992, TECH International is the first internationally circulating magazine devoted to the eyewear industry.
Since October 2004, due to the many common features, the magazine has expanded its focus to include jewellery. Suppliers to these industries have a unique communication medium to reach potential new international customers and manufacturers have a useful tool to update on technology, research and development.
All the latest news on raw materials, machines, systems, equipment, components, small parts, sun lenses, accessories, finishes and services. Present with its own stand at the main eyewear, jewellery and specialised mechanical trade fairs, it is aimed at manufacturing managers and technicians.
WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION BY CATEGORY: Eyewear, Jewellery and Watches Manufacturers 60%; Suppliers of machinery, services and technology for eyewear, jewellery and watches 25%; Trade fairs 10%; Designers, technicians 5%.

GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION: Europe (45% in Italy); Asia 20%; Americas 10%.

TEXTS: Italian and English.


“Ha da passà ‘a nuttata” (the night has to pass)…
So said the protagonist of a very famous comedy by Eduardo De Filippo (one of Italy’s most important playwrights), to signify that, sooner or later, the darkness (real and figurative) would pass.
And here we are, in May 2023, telling us that, perhaps, the night has indeed passed and that a new, small but very important Renaissance of Technology could be waiting for us, despite the many unresolved points at the beginning of this year.

We have seen it, since the beginning of this 2023, in the smiles and speeches, in the novelties and innovations, in the wide-ranging projects and enthusiasms that have accompanied some of the most important shows and events we have attended. From Munich to T-Gold, from MIDO to the recent Design Week in Milan, only one will has emerged: to start again at full speed, overcoming and conquering every obstacle. Because that is what we have been able to do.
Resisting, year after year, overcoming all barriers.
With that unique strength that only those who are certain – despite so many problems – to have the competence, creativity, potential and tenacity to go on, anyway. With a unique human, technical and productive potential, in terms of experience and vision.

In short, a first four months that, despite of everything, could really be a rebirth.

Thank you all, then, and good luck!

Manlio Valli
Editorial Director