Since 1992, TECH International is the first internationally circulating magazine devoted to the eyewear industry.
Since October 2004, due to the many common features, the magazine has expanded its focus to include jewellery. Suppliers to these industries have a unique communication medium to reach potential new international customers and manufacturers have a useful tool to update on technology, research and development.
All the latest news on raw materials, machines, systems, equipment, components, small parts, sun lenses, accessories, finishes and services. Present with its own stand at the main eyewear, jewellery and specialised mechanical trade fairs, it is aimed at manufacturing managers and technicians.
WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION BY CATEGORY: Eyewear, Jewellery and Watches Manufacturers 60%; Suppliers of machinery, services and technology for eyewear, jewellery and watches 25%; Trade fairs 10%; Designers, technicians 5%.

GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION: Europe (45% in Italy); Asia 20%; Americas 10%.

TEXTS: Italian and English.


At the beginning of 2022, the world was once again looking to the future with hope.

It was not easy – and it is no easy – because after the pandemic, while with great effort we were trying again, the nightmare of an absurd war catapulted us back into uncertainly and doubt. Ad yet, while too many problems were piling up, while something inside us whispered that the worst was not yet over, many of us began to say “no”, to rebel against apathy. A beautiful rebellion, one that has allowed to human race to survive and progress even when it seemed to lack strenght. We began to hope again, we have spoken to many people, we have returned, with a little fear and the right and proper caution – but with a lot of enthusiasm – to look at each other in the face and rediscover the pleasure, the necessity and the profound need for a “human” relationship in the noblest sense of the word.

We have begun to see, in many companies and in many friends, the enthusiasm, the will, the desire to innovate and return to be protagonists of a new renaissance in design and production.

We at EJ Tech are here today, together with you. And we will be there, to tell – with you, in this new editorial guise – the unique story of those who do not give up, putting hearth, soul and passion and extraordinary expertise at the service of technological innovation.

Good work and good life!

Manlio Valli
Editorial Director